While most companies offer a combined experience, here at Eaves Stone, we offer experience based on longevity. We have been producing manufactured stone veneer, and cultured stone for over 38 years, and stand by our name and product.  Our product offering is one of the most extensive in the industry, our warranty is second to none, and the list of satisfied customers who have chosen Eaves Stone would quite literally fill an entire book. Our company has built a relationship with customers, which has allowed us to grow at a continuous rate. This type of growth has enabled us to meet the needs of any job. From large commercial projects to a single fireplace, we are here for you.  It is this foundation of customer satisfaction that has built the Eaves Stone brand into one of the leading manufacturers of stone products in the region. We understand that you, the customer, have a plethora of options from which to choose when it comes to your project. Our goal is to make your decisions just a little easier. No matter what your architectural style may be, you can rest assured that Eaves Stone has the experience, knowledge, capacity and desire to help you accomplish your goals. If you need any assistance in turning your inspiration into reality, please allow us to continue to build on 38 years of experience with you. Because turning inspiration into reality is what we do.

A wise man builds his house upon the rock. Matthew 7:24-25


Eaves Stone warrants its manufactured stone products for a period of 50 years against manufacturing defects when used on a structure that meets all local building codes and when installed in accordance with Eaves Stone installation instructions. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from but not limited to:

Contact with chemicals or other harmful substances Improper installation
Discoloration due to atmospheric or airborne contaminants Staining or oxidation
Structure settlement

Eaves Stone’s warranty is non-transferrable and only applies to the original purchaser and may not be transferred to any subsequent owner. In the event of any warranty repair, Eaves Stone will, at its discretion, repair, replace, or provide a refund of damaged product once reviewed and assessed by an Eaves Stone representative.



One of the biggest benefits of our product is the cost savings you can expect versus natural stone. Typically, you can expect our stone products to be 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of natural stone. Additionally, installation costs are less, our product waste factor is just 2% (versus 10% for natural stone), and the lighter weight of our product all add up to significant savings.


The light weight nature of our product continues to add significant savings to your bottom line by not requiring the use of wall ties, potential structural reinforcement, or increases in footing requirements .


As a manufactured product, our stone requires no quarries or excavation to provide you with an amazing product. You get the aesthetic appeal of natu­ral stone without the negative environmental impacts.


Eaves Stone can be applied to any properly prepared surface, allowing your inspiration to come to life almost anywhere.


Eaves Stone will last through generations with no or minimal side effects after years of weatherization. The perfect alternative to wood or siding .


Put it up and enjoy! Eaves Stone requires no special care to maintain its beauty. Worry about something else, because Eaves Stone need not be a concern for your home.


Eaves Stone improves the appearance therefore increasing the value and “curb-appeal” of your residential or commercial project.